2023 Intern Information

AG Interns Wanted!
The Texas Junior Angus Association (TJAA) is hiring two interns for the spring and summer of 2023! This
is a great opportunity to serve the community you love, gain experience, and grow your resume!
Interested applicants should apply between October 1 and November 30.
Intern Qualifications

  1. Be a current undergraduate college student with a 3.0 or better G.P.A.
  2. Be able to attend zoom meetings as necessary with the TJAA Board and Advisors
  3. Be able to attend in person the State Junior Angus Show (in June, in Belton Texas) and the
    National Junior Angus Show (in July, 2023 show in Grand Island, NE) – these are the two
    required shows
  4. Have the understanding that they will not be a participant in either of the required shows as
    a contestant

Intern #1 Title: Communications and Social Media Intern

  1. Would coordinate with the TJAA advisors and focus on supporting communication amongst
    the TJAA membership
  2. Would coordinate with the TJAA advisors to keep our social media presence up to date and
  3. Would assist in recording events at the two required shows to be used in advertising and

Intern #2 Title: Events and Activities Intern

  1. Would coordinate with the TJAA advisors and focus on planning and scheduling for the two
    required shows
  2. Would coordinate with the TJAA advisors and assist in fundraising for TJAA activities
  3. Would assist with the coordination of judges and contests for the two required shows
    Selection of Interns:
  4. Applicants will be required to send to the TJAA advisors a resume, a letter explaining why
    they should be selected, a current college transcript, and be available for an interview via
    zoom (txjrangus@gmail.com)
  5. Applicants will be reviewed by the TJAA advisor team for selection
    Financial Considerations
  6. A $1500 stipend will be paid to each of the interns to cover their transportation to and their
    accommodations at the two required Junior Angus Shows.
  7. The monies would be paid to the interns in two installments – once in June and once in July.